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Quality - a customer’s story that speaks better than us.




Quality - a customer’s story that speaks better than us.

Michael Brady





My DAC arrived in Calgary about three weeks ago. 

I love it! It is paired with a CEC TL-2X transport and the result is wonderful music. I have never been so delighted with a piece of audio gear. Thank-you for such a superb instrument!

Lukasz. I am so impressed with your DAC: for the first time I can sit through an entire CD and don't need to know where the remote control is.


A year later ........



I have loved your DAC so's given me hundreds of hours of musical

listening pleasure.


My wife and I took a 3-day holiday to Montana last week. On Saturday, a

few minutes after crossing he border back in to Canada, my daughter texted

me to say that a flash flood warning had been given to residents of

Calgary living along the Bow River close to where we live. Because of

raging rivers, torrential rains and detours going back to Calgary took

about 10 hours, usually it less than half that time.


By the time we got back our basement, my listening studio was under 7 feet

of dirty river water. I had called my daughter and her boyfriend as were

speeding back to Calgary and asked them to drive to our's

situated about 100 meters from the river. By the time they got there water

had made its way into our yard. They hastily removed stringed instruments

(violas, violins, bows) to a higher part of the house and despite police

driving up and down the neighborhood telling people to evacuate, they

managed to rescue most of my stereo system.


Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they neglected to rescue the

Lampizator...this despite me emphasizing  that this was the first piece

they should remove. Afterwards, when I asked them how they made out, they

said they got pretty well everything.


But they didn't and I was horrified to see it still sitting on my

equipment rack after the waters subsided.  Altogether it was under water

about 30 hours. If it's of any importance, the power was off (I always

unplug my components when leaving on a trip). 







what a horrible story. I am very sorry to hear that.


There is a good chance the DAC will survive.  I give it 80 % chances of singing again. 

I would put it in the oven set  to 50 degrees Celsius and leave it there for 3-4 hours and then let it cool down naturally in the oven and next day just try to switch it on. 

The exposure to water was too short to cause any serious corrosion. The only area of concern is the inside of the transformers where water could get in between the windings. Thats why we want to bake the DAC.

To improve drying do it with top cover open.



From Nick: 

A quote from an email you sent me on October 26th, 2012:


You can plunge into the Lampizator purchase.... They are indestructible.


Well, I guess you're right, Lukasz. My friend followed your recipe for cooking a Lampizator, especially one submerged in dirty river water and, damn it, after the recommended cooling down period it worked! Hallelujah...thank you audio gods and thank you, Lukasz Fikus.


It will be a few months before my I have a place in our house to listen to music, but I'm absolutely thrilled that my lovely Lampizator is up and running.


Best wishes for the summer, Lukasz!