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"Most Surprising Sound" at AXPONA 2014 —Myles Astor of Positive Feedback

Michael Brady

Myles B. Astor Chicago Axpona 2014 Daily Blog Day Three

Show Wrap-Up:

Sunday was far busier than it had any right to be and attendees were still looking to get in a quick listen at closing time. Estimated attendance at this year's Axpona show was according to organizer Steve Davis, a quite healthy and respectable 5500-6000 (sadly far better than it's sister New York Show). Whatsmore, they have already contracted with Westin for an even bigger and better show next year that will be held April 24-26 2015.

The last day of the show didn't lack for things to do. Atop on the list was to hit those rooms--like the Quintessence/Magico/PASS exhibit--that were too crowded on Friday and Saturday to get a good listen. Next on the list was to get another listen to those rooms that arrived with brand spanking new equipment on Friday. The final task was giving another listen to those contenders for the top sound of the show. So after all is said and done, the envelope please!

****Best of the Best goes to:

1. Quintessence Audio: Fine Sounds/Audio Research/Sonus Faber/AMG
2. Kyomi Audio: CAT/Marten/Acoustic Signature/Funk Firm/vdH
3. Quintessence Audio: Focal/Aesthetics/Clearaudio
4. High Water Sound: Electraprint/TW-Acustic/Tron Electric/Horning
5. GTT Audio and Video: YG Hailey/Audio Net/Kronos
6 (tie). Musical Artisans: Devore Fidelity/Resolution Audio/Rega
Paragon Sight and Sound: Doshi series 3.0/Wilson Sasha 2s/Brinkman/Koetsu

****Most Surprising Sound at Axpona goes to:

Vapor Audio: Vapor Audio/Purity Audio/Lampizator

****The Bling aka Eye Candy Award (3-way tie) goes to:

Triangle Arts Signature Turntable 
Artisan Fidelity Turntable 
UHA Phase 11S reel-to-reel deck

****Products That I'd Most Like to Bring Home goes to:

Octave Research Jubilee amplifiers
Doshi Audio 3.0 series phono preamplifier
Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement cartridge
UHA Phase 11S reel-to-reel tape recorder