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Amber DAC

Our best bang for the buck. Single ended triode with E88cc tubes, tube rectification, 192 kHz chip, painted steel chassis, etc.The construction internally is based on a PCB, no more point to point wiring, which we reserve for the higher level products. The sound is so good that it will not disappoint anybody .


Well, after building 600 DACs by hand in a point to point manner, time has come to make life easier and create an all new Amber Lampi DAC that everybody can afford.

It is NOT an entry level DAC. It is not a cheap DAC. It is simply manufactured in such way that we can use economies of scale and bring the price almost to a half of what it used to be. You can enjoy the sound of Lampizator DAC starting from 1200 Euro ! 


When designing the AMBER  LAMPI DAC I resisted the pressure from the accountants and stakeholders to build a cheap compromised “Level 3”. I gave the best knowledge available to our company to bring the sound quality as close as possible to Level 3. It is DAMN CLOSE. 


Here it is: Amber Lampi DAC that is based on a PCB, it has high end tube power supply, high end tube output stage, very good schematics and awesome sound to match.


What it does not have is volume control as an option. Otherwise you get everything that audiophiles want - super natural and clean timbre, colors, space, soundstage, deep bass, pure trebles, goose-bumps inducing mids, fast attack, no fatigue sound etc. 

You also can not get exotic tubes here. No octals, no metalbase, no VT99, no ecc40, no 182 either. You will get very good Soviet tubes like 6N1P or Czech Tesla ecc88 or Russian 12AT7 EHG. 


You get also modern day specs like reading all types of files from MP3 to 192/24. Our superb DSD engine as an option. 32 bit asynchronous USB input and 2Hz to 200 KHz frequency response of the analog tube stage. 


We deliberately avoid calling it a “level” because we created an entirely new DAC breed.


The only thing it has in common with our Level 3 DAC is the chassis (43 cm by 13 cm by 33 cm deep) and the same elegant face plate from airspace industrial aluminum.


The same DAC is also available as a kit in our shop.


There are Four main configuration options: 

  • AS normal SPDIF PCM DAC
  • As DSD only DAC where you can upsample in the playback software even PCM files to DSD 128x
  • As DSD plus PCM mixed technology DAC
  • As PCM dac with USB module built in.


Then there are three basic quality levels you can configure yourself when ordering:

  • -standard
  • -better (with Jensen Copper caps)
  • -best (as above but with two chokes in PSU and Duelund caps, directly heated rectifier, bigger transformer)