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from 18,635.00

After 5 years with our GM-70 supertriode monsters, having sold over 40 pairs we decided to add 211 TRUE BALANCED amplifier to the portfolio. 

Not that 211 is a better triode than GM70, but it runs colder and we could squeeze two of them per mono-block. And 211appeals to those people who simply can’t stand having a Soviet product. Like many customers from the former Soviet Block including Poland. They would rather have “Polish Ongaku” than “Polish Soyuz”. 

Its introduction will re-define the price point for owning the real deal 211 TRUE BALANCED mono amps that sound as good as 5 figure amps on the market at less than half price. We are aiming at people who would normally buy a push-pull KT80 amp, but from us they get not only monos instead ofstereo integrated, not only TRUE BALANCED instead of phase splitter but also the super cool super mean looks of the WE211 triode.

All our know how, experience, passion and resources went into this creation. Not to mention all our reputation at stakes.

The only reason I mentioned Ongaku here was the similarity of the triode, but there is nothing at all that I copied from Ongaku schematics. These amps have nothing in common except the triode itself.

We use PSVANE triodes from China (the Chinese best ones) which are reliable, and fantastic sounding. In comparison to GE NOS the Psvane sounds exactly equal. The user can purchase on ebay the NOS GE. I like 211 better than any 845 or 805 I heard.  Comparing the 211 to GM-70 they are about equal to copper GM70 variant. 

As of May 1 2015 the 211 TRUE BALANCED is available as off-spring variant of the GM-70 monoblock amps from LampizatOr.


Mains transformers also covers now 110 V countries.

Specification of 211 TRUE BALANCED version:

Single Ended triode in mirror mode - TRUE BALANCED, mono block integrated amp (no need for a preamp)

dimensions WHD : 450 x 140 (250 with tubes) x 600 mm

weight: net 33 kg per each mono before packing (39,5 kg packed)

Gross shipping weight of a pair: 80 kg (190 lbs)

Power: 85 WPC, pure class A

Power consumption: 195 WPC on idle per channel, 

95 W on pre-heating (per each block)

Power Tubes: 211 triode

Driver: White config 5687 - NOS

Input tube Ecc808- NOS 

Rectifier tube 5R4WGB 

Input impedance: 90 K x2

Output impedance (speakers recommended) 8 Ohm

Output transformer: OGONOWSKI / LampizatOr Push Pull  

High Voltage transformer: Ogonowski (using audio output transformercore )

Biasing: manual (with exposed pot and meter)

Volume: Stepped input ladder switch (24 SMD resistor pairs)

Power transformers total capacity: 700 VA. 3 transformers in total

Rectification: two separate rectifiers for High Voltage- one for 900 V (silicon) and one for 400 V (5c3s tube)

Anode supply: 900 V DC

Available front colors: black or silver (top always silver)

Input topology: one XLR and no SE. SE input is not possible at all.

Biasing range: -30 to -140 V DC (covers all 211 types)

Output Transformer:
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